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A - Missing Controls

Is you plugin missing controls?

This can be happening for one of two reasons. You may have just updated FCPX and or MacOS or the plugin did not fully install properly. You can verify if you are missing controls by seeing blanks in the Published Parameters for the plugin. 

See example below. 



Once you have verified you have missing controls - there are a couple easy steps you can take to address this. 

Step One: Run the installer again for the plugin that is missing controls. 

Step Two: During the instillation make sure all apps are closed and all external hardrives are disconnected. 

Step Three: After reinstalling open FCPX and test the plugin. 

The video below will also guide you through this prcoess. 

If you are still missing controls after taking these steps please contact customer support. Please provide information for what plugin you are using and please issue a screenshot as well.
If your installer is over 1 year old it is recommended that you redownload and reinstall the plugin from your purchase history on our website to receive the latest version.