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B - Installing on High Sierra/Mojave.

Installation for both High Sierra and Mojave will be nearly identical in practice.

Please double click on the "Double Click to Install" file located within the download folder for the plugin. This will run the installer correctly.

Plugins installed on Mojave will ask if your system can access the files in the installer; it is very important that you click "Yes".

After running the installer you will be prompted to enter in your email address that you used to purchase the plugin in order to validate the installer. 

Upon successful validation you will be asked to enter in the password you use to log into your Mac when you first turn it on.

If you do not have a password, please press "Enter"

We have updated our installers to no longer support Manual Installation methods and doing so will result in the plugin breaking. If you do this, please run the installer for the plugin to fix the plugin.